Raúl Marset is one of the founding partners of Hölderl & Marset Legal and Tax Advisors and Director of the Tax Department of ​​the Firm. His professional practice focuses on Tax Law in general, having extensive experience in corporate taxation, corporate group regimes and corporate restructuring, specially dedicating to family businesses. He has broad experience in planning processes for corporate restructuring, acquisitions, mergers and joint ventures, shareholder conflicts and the design of corporate structures, including its analysis and planning as well as the business aspects thereof. He is a member of the Board of Administrators of several companies, to which he provides permanent advice on strategic aspects and tax structuring, in the legal and tax fields. He has built his professional career in firms such as Uniaudit-Grant Thornton Intl., Audihispana, Martinez, Ojeda y Asociados (currently Russell Bedford Asesores). LinkedIn r.marset@holderlymarset.com
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