Horst Hölderl is one of the two founding partners of Hölderl & Marset and is the Director of the Firm's Legal Department. His professional practice focuses on a wide range of aspects of Commercial Law in which he is specialized, including corporate, bankruptcy law, contracting law and securities. His experience extends to the issuance of legal opinions, including for other law firms, and litigation in Commercial and Civil Law matters. He is a legal advisor of many companies and the Secretary of the Board of many others. He used to be a Partner of the law firm Candela, Porcel & Hölderl Abogados where he was the Director of the Bankruptcy and Commercial Department, , from 2005 to 2011. He has also participated in many bankruptcy judicial proceedings of companies, sometimes as a bankruptcy lawyer and, some other times, in defense of the creditors. He is frequently appointed as a Bankruptcy Trustee in many judicial bankruptcy proceedings by the Courts of Commercial Matters nº1, nº2, and nº3 of Valencia, and is an expert in (i) civil and commercial contracting (ii) family business and (iii) corporate law. He is a member of the Spanish Association of Judicial Experts and Arbitral Mediators. He also gives legal advice in relation to the fields of Civil Law, Economic Crimes and Labor Law. LinkedIn horst.holderl@holderlymarset.com
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